Mount Laurel Township And Volunteers For Paws Farm, Inc. Continue To Work Together For The Re-Opening Of Paws Farm

Mount Laurel Township and Volunteers for Paws Farm continue to work together for the re-opening of Paws Farm.

On Monday, April 18th, the Mount Laurel Township Council will adopt a Resolution moving the re-opening of PAWS Farm from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

“We are so indebted to the hard work of Volunteers for Paws Farm, Inc. Their enthusiasm to lease the property over the last year for the sole purpose maintaining, repairing and cleaning the mess left by the prior operator demonstrates their love for this site and the mission that Charles and Kate Tweedy first envisioned,” said Mayor Kareem Pritchett. “I couldn’t be happier with the results of these volunteer efforts,” he continued.

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