Mount Laurel Announces the Establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Board

The Mount Laurel Township council has established the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Board. The public hearing for the establishment of the board was held at the Township council meeting on Monday September 27th.

The board advises the Mayor, Township Administration, the Town Council, and residents of the Mount Laurel community on exploring their differences, embracing and understanding challenges, and capitalizing on the true strength of Mount Laurel’s diverse community.  

"Mount Laurel is a vibrant and diverse community representing all backgrounds of race, religion, orientation, and economic status” stated Mayor Steglik. “By establishing this board, township council can better serve the community by hearing and learning about the experiences of our residents, especially members of the community that have felt marginalized, with the goal of improving the quality of life for all of Mount Laurel's residents."

The idea for the creation of the diversity and inclusion board was established in early 2021, as events on a national scale drew attention to a growing need for education and fostering understanding in the fight for equality. In part due to events that came to light this past July, Township council passed the ordinance that help fight inequality and promote a welcoming environment for the Mount Laurel community.

"The Diversity and Inclusion Board serves to celebrate our differences while exploring issues needed to keep our diverse community safe and healthy” stated Deputy Mayor Pritchett. “One person feeling excluded from our community, is one too many. Inequality and injustice will not stand in Mount Laurel.”

Residents appointed to the board will serve with a commitment to advise Mount Laurel’s governing body on how to better educate and strengthen respect needed to keep a diverse community achieve the greatest levels of equality and inclusion.  The board will develop public education programs, hold community discussions, and provide trainings designed to develop mutual respect and inclusion.

The Diversity and Inclusion Board is a nine-member board comprised of 6 citizen appointees of the Mayor and consent of the Township Council (Ord. 2021-18). The Diversity and Inclusion Board will meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

Residents who are interested in applying can find the application and questionnaire on Mount Laurel’s website at Diversity and Inclusion Board Application.