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Mount Laurel, NJ Codebook

In an effort to assist our residents and other visitors to this site, Mount Laurel Township now provides the Township Codes online. Mount Laurel Township has a contract agreement with GENERAL CODE Publishing to provide this service directly to our users. Users must be aware that the Township Code is an ever changing compilation of ordinances which are continuously revised. The Code Book on the web is provided as an assistance to users, but it may not reflect the most up-to-date version of the Township Code. Before accessing the Mount Laurel Township Code, users must positively affirm that he/she understands that the version of the Code they are about to access exists for review and generic purposes and that users should contact the Mount Laurel Municipal Clerk’s Office to obtain an official version of any or all provisions of the Township Code.

I have read the above disclaimer concerning the Township’s ability to provide the Township Code through this website and I UNDERSTAND THESE LIMITATIONS AND I AM WILLING TO PROCEED.