Press Releases OLD

2022 Press Releases 

  •  4/18/22
Mount Laurel Township And Volunteers For Paws Farm, Inc. Continue To Work Together For The Re-Opening Of Paws Farm
  • 4/6/22
Mount Laurel Township Council Passes Budget with No Municipal Tax Increase 
Mount Laurel Council Authorized Purchase Of 46 Acres For Open Space
  • 3/22/22
     Mount Laurel Township Proclaims Month of March Women's History Month 

  • 3/7/22 
  Happy 150th Birthday Celebration 

  • 3/1/22

   Mount Laurel Township Council Introduces Budget With Zero Municipal Tax Increase

  • 2/15/22  

   Mount Laurel Township Proclaims Month Of February Black History Month

  •  1/3/22

Mount Laurel Township And The Mount Laurel Fire District Announce Shared Services Agreement For Ems Chief Position

  • 1/1/22
       Historic Swearing In Ceremony of Mount Laurel Township's First African American Mayor 

2021 Press Releases
  • 11/23/21
         Laurel Acres Playground Opening 
  • 11/22/21
         Mount Laurel Township Introduces Additional Walk Up Windows at Municipal Building
  • 11/16/21
           Construction Begins On Two Community Solar Projects On Endurance Real Estate Properties In Mount Laurel
  • 11/4/21 
          Mount Laurel Bond Rating Raised to AA+
  • 10/26/21 
           Mount Laurel announces tree giveaway thanks to support from Arbor Day Foundation and TD Bank

  •  9/28/21
            Mount Laurel Announces the Establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Board 

  • 9/21/21    
             Milling and Paving to begin on Mount Laurel Road