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Public Works Department

Trash Collection

Regular Pickup Days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

                                                            DELAYS:     If Your Trash Is Normally Collected On:      

 Schedule for Week Containing:           Monday         Tuesday        Wednesday      Thursday

 Monday 1/1 (New Years Day)               Tues. 1/2         Wed. 1/3          Thurs. 1/4          Fri. 1/5

 Monday 5/28 (Memorial Day)                Tues. 5/29       Wed. 5/30      Thurs. 5/31        Fri. 6/1

 Wednesday 7/4 (Independence Day)      No Change     No Change        Thurs. 7/5        Fri. 7/6

 Monday 9/3 (Labor Day)                        Tues. 9/4         Wed. 9/5        Thurs. 9/6          Fri. 9/7

 Thursday 11/22 (Thanksgiving)             No Change      No Change     No Change        Fri. 11/23

 Tuesday 12/25 (Christmas Day)             No Change     Wed. 12/26     Thurs. 12/27     Fri. 12/28


  • Trash cans cannot weigh anymore than 50 lbs. and bags should not weigh anymore than 45 to 50 lbs.
  • Trash should not be placed at the curb any earlier than 24 hours before scheduled pick-up.  Trash cans are to be removed from the curb within 24 hours of pick-up.
  • Trash Cans must be outside containers only, all other containers will be considered trash.
  • Construction debris:  Debris that is generated by a homeowner can and will be picked up with regular household trash. Nails must either be removed or hammered down so an injury does not occur. Wood must be cut in no larger than 4 foot sections. Outside contractors are required to remove any debris they generate.
  • Furniture and bedding can be placed at the curb for your regular trash pick up.
  • Concrete, bricks, stone, dirt, sod, asphalt, etc. cannot be picked up by Gold Medal or Public Works. These items are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Fresh cut grass clippings can go out with regular trash. Please place in a bag or container. 

Habitat For Humanity will take your used furniture and other items and give you a tax write off receipt(click here for more information)