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Public Works Department

2018 Road Program

All dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances like weather and other delays.   When a road is going to be paved it is Federal Law that Handicap Ramps are updated as well to comply with ADA Provisions. This includes adding, expanding, and improving current ramps.

If at anytime you have you encounter an issue with your property/landscaping as a result of work done by a contractor  please call Public works at 856-234-0001 ext 1241

Roads to be paved in 2018 - 2019
Briarwood Terrace         5/15-5/17
Ramblewood Terrace    5/21-5/25
Broadacre Drive
Ark Road
Cemetary Road
Chadbury Road
Boothby Drive
Devonshire Road
Lake Drive
Beach Drive 
Decatur Drive
Cornwallis Drive
Biddle Way
Ballinger Way
Lilian Court
Norwood Road
Leeds Terrace
Philips Road
Juniper Drive
Iris Court
Holiday Street 
Harvey Place
East Gate Drive
Glennbrook Boulevard
Crawford Place
Telford Lane
Maple Avenue
North Lake Drive 
Preamble Drive
Lincoln Drive
Madison Court 
Leeds Road
Schoolhouse Lane
Holiday Court
Sheppards Lane
White Stone Court
Falmouth Drive
Carson Court
Moneta Court
Hanover Court
Dalton Court
Emory Lane
Panorama Court
Parkway Terrace
Greenview Terrace

 Sorrel Run  5/8-5/14  7/13-7/16  complete
 Gaskill Road  5/15-5/21  7/14-7/17  complete
 Wood Lark Drive  8/10-8/16  9/5-9/7  complete
 Garden Way  6/8-6/11  9/12-9/15  complete
 Bretton Way  7/20-7/26  8/29-9/2  complete
 Union Mill (Ark to 38)  8/7-8/13  9/4-9/7  complete
 Stratton Lane  6/19-6/26  7/14-7/18  complete
 South Lake Drive  6/2-6/19  6/24-6/28  complete
 Squirrel Tree Lane  4/15-4/18  5/5-5/8  complete
 White Chapel Drive      complete
 Saint Andrews Drive/Ct.  6/24-6/26  7/10-7/12  complete
 Sheffield Lane      complete
 Country Court  6/22-6/23 6/23-6/28  complete
 Schoolhouse Terrace  6/26-6/27  6/27-6/28  complete
 Homestead Court  6/23-6/28  6/27-6/28  complete
 Mapleview Court  6/26-6/27  6/27-6/28  complete
 Chaucer Road/Court  6/26-6/27  6/27-6/28  complete
 Leadenhall/Bishop’s Gate  6/22-7/7  8/1-8/15  complete
 Union Mill Road (Walton-Briggs)  7/10-7/21  8/14-8/31  complete